Saturday, March 17, 2012

Twistband Club Box Reveal!

In my Deals post, I posted about Twistbands subscription service that is available for $10 a month on their website. Currently you have to sign up in 3, 6, or 12 month increments, hopefully they add a monthly payment one in the future!

After getting a Social Goodie gift code for Twistband for $10, that was usable for $20 of merchandise, I ended up paying $14 on top of the $10 in order to subscribe to the 3 month version of their service. They guarantee at least $12-$16 of value in each months box, so that was enough to sell me on it.

I signed up on the 15th, so I was not expecting my box to arrive anytime soon. Coming home from work today, I saw it sitting on my table and was shocked! That is some FAST turnaround.

The box is a small blue cardboard sleeve that is the pillow shape, where you push in the ends to close them, and to "pop up" the box so you can fill it. On it is the word HELLO in giant white letters, with their logo of the arrow underneath. It's a really cute box and I plan on reusing mine to send out goodies to people. Why pay for packaging when you get perfectly good stuff in the mail?

As you can see, mine came with some weird raspberry colored smudges on it. I'm guessing they happened during shipping, since they're on the surface.

The box is much smaller than it appears in this photo. It's about the size of a regular envelope you mail a letter in, for reference.

Here are the contents of my box!

On the left is a set that they put together, containing a purple Tie Dye Twistband, worth $2.50, a Steel colored one worth $2, and then one of the printed ones that only available in the 3 piece set on their site. That one is worth about $2.50 as well.

Then on the right they sent the full Solid Chelsea 6 pack set that is worth $10.

Considering that I spent $24 on the subscription, getting half of it back immediately in product is a fantastic deal to me. I'm very pleased with everything I received. It came SUPER fast, arrived in perfect condition and was a total surprise.
I like that it's kind of a random mix of things.

That said, there are A few things that I think could be improved:

- Not having duplicate colors. I was a little bummed to get two of the grey ones.

- There was a complete and utter lack of correspondence in the mailer. I would have preferred a welcome letter, a little card thanking me for my purchase, or even an invoice! It felt pretty impersonal.

- The photo on the website shows a set of all Tie Dye ones, that are in really cute bright colors for their sample. I wish they had a more realistic photo instead. I was disappointed not to get any of the pretty bright colors featured there. Instead mine are more of dull neutrals with 2 fun ties thrown in the mix.

I completely think this is worth it though if you were going to buy twistbands anyways and love subscription services. I don't think I would sign up for a whole year of these, but I like that there are options to do so.
If you signed up and got yours in the mail, let me know what colors you received!
Thank you so much for reading.

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