Sunday, January 8, 2012

Revlon Lip Butters!

I managed to snag 4 of these hot commodity colors back in November after seeing beauty blogger BentleyBlonde talk about them in one of her videos.

I'm not a big lipstick person. Most lipsticks are too pigmented, which looks odd with my super pale complexion. I just don't really have the right kind of face for lipstick, in my own opinion. I am definitely more of a lip gloss or chapstick girl. Cherry Chapstick looks like I'm wearing red lipstick anyways, so that's what I usually use.

When I saw these Lip Butters mentioned, they seemed like the best of both worlds. They have the color and tube of lipstick, but are nice and sheer like a chapstick, and are super moisturizing.
The colors I ended up purchasing, as photographed above from Left to Right, are 015 Tutti Fruiti, 070 Cherry Tart,075 Lollipop,& 055 Cupcake.

My local CVS had a pretty full display, but most of them were either too brown/nude for my liking, or too bright of a red. As it was, buying Cherry Tart, Tutti Fruiti and Lollipop were a bit of a step out of my comfort zone, since I don't usually wear bright lip colors!

I would like to go back and get some of the more nude colors though, since I bought the brighter colors first.

The thing that struck me about these are that they look modern, pretty, sweet and classy all at the same time. The tube cover is made of a semi-translucent plastic in the color of the product inside. I like that the top is completely clear so you can look through it at the product. Two of the sides have a quilted pattern on them, while the other two are smooth, which keeps things more interesting visually. The tube itself is a very shiny and gorgeous silver tube that's very old hollywood looking to me. Each tube has a black plastic cap on the bottom with Revlon in silver words on it. All in all, I love the packaging, but I did experience a couple of issues with it. After about a month of use, the bottom black cap got loose and I had a lot of trouble opening two of my colors. Tutti Fruiti, and Cupcake both had the black cap pop off when I was trying to open the tube. I had to put it back on and gently wiggle the top tube to get it to release. I'm not sure if it's because of that, but both of those tubes have cracks running vertically up the sides of the tube cover now. My other two tubes have also developed these cracks. I think the plastic is just weak there, but it's a bummer because I really don't want my tubes to start falling to pieces! Okay enough about packaging, I know!

On to the products!

Cherry Tart is a really pretty cherry red. Basically, to me, it looks like cherry chapstick but more opaque. It also has little shimmery flakes of glitter within the color. Even though it's red, I don't feel ridiculous wearing this like I would a regular red lipstick. You can definitely build up the color if you want a more dramatic look.

Tutti Fruiti is a orangey coral color. This color has a cream finish with no glitter specks in it at all. It's more opaque of a formula, and a really pretty color. If you like Coralista from MAC, you will really love this color too. It's definitely a warm toned orange and it might be too orange for some.

Lollipop is another shimmer formula with the glitter bits in it. It's a fushia color that goes on the darkest of the 4 colors I purchased. One coat completely covers my lips fully like a regular lipstick would. To be honest, this one is probably the one I like the least colorwise on me, just because it's SO fushia. It would be perfect for an 80s party. I think it would look gorgeous on someone with a darker skintone. This one seems very blue/cool toned to me, despite being such a bright color.

Cupcake is what I would call a blue cool toned babydoll pink. It also has shimmer in it, but seems more like the cream formula. The color is VERY light, almost mod looking to me. But I really really love this color and have worn it the most out of the 4 that I purchased. Even though I have a warm skintone, and this is a cool toned pink, I still find that it is perfectly wearable.

Here are the swatches on me. My skintone is NW15. The swatches were hard to get accurate and I would like to take another set of them individually, so please please check back for that. I will post those ASAP when I get them taken. The lighting has been awful for photos lately, but I promise to re-do these for accuracy. The colors on my hand are as follows, top to bottom: Cupcake. Cupcake is also on the left side of my hand. The tube had some of the Lollipop color on it from when I experimented mixing the two. The swatch on the top is mixed with Lollipop, which is why it is streaky. The one on the left is cupcake plain. Then we have Lollipop, which should be more Fushia looking than it appears here. Then there is Tutti Fruiti, and finally, Cherry Tart, which should look more Cherry colored!
Formula wise, I love these products! They're a little bit soft like a lip balm, so make sure you're careful not to put the tube up too far when applying. They probably would melt very easily in the heat, so if you live in a warm climate, you might have to take care. I feel like these don't have very much wax in them, because they are so soft. They're not drying on my lips at all, and I had no irritation problems. They also did not stain my lips at all which was nice! The product washes off easily with regular soap and water, no scrubbing needed.

The staying power on these isn't as good as a regular lipstick, but I found that it was still there on me after eating and drinking. You will have to reapply at some point, but since I'm used to lip balms and chapsticks anyways, that doesn't really bother me so much.

Final Verdict: All in all, I highly recommend these if you are like me and don't like regular lipstick, if you like lipstick but want something lighter, or just want to play around with fun colors! I got my tubes at CVS for about $7 apiece, but they were running a BOGO 50% off sale at the time, so it wasn't too bad. I still count that as fairly expensive for a lip product, but remember, I usually use chapstick! Definitely watch for sales, and keep an eye out for all the colors! These are a permanent addition to the Revlon Line, according to Revlon, so no fear about them being gone after this season, thank goodness. I'll get those updated swatches for you all soon, and if I go buy the more neutral colors I will definitely swatch them for you! Thank you so much for reading! Hope you have a great weekend everyone.

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