Tuesday, January 10, 2012

MyGlam by Michelle Phan: Sign Ups Open!

So, like many others curious about monthly subscription services, I came across Birchbox, and MyGlam. After watching numerous videos and talking to friends who subscribed to Birchbox, I decide that that was not a great option for me.
I already have lots of regular sized samples, just from shopping at Sephora. I generally wait until they have good codes that give you 12 samples at once, plus the 3 you already get for ordering. After a few times of doing that, I literally have an entire hat box full of stuff that I've been using.
 If I get samples, I prefer full sized or deluxe sized products [who doesn't, I know]

Back in November, I heard the buzz about the MyGlam box, but unfortunately, it was at the same time as everyone else, and subscriptions filled up before I was able to get one.
I expected it to be like Birchbox, so I wasn't super disappointed. Then I saw the videos of people opening them & realized that I really wanted to join this subscription service!

So what IS MyGlam? It's a monthly subscription service of deluxe or full sized beauty products from companies such as Urban Decay, Tarte, Wen, and other companies. They also post tutorials on the products, so that you can check out how to use them, which I thought was a great bonus. The cost is $10 a month, or you can purchase a whole year for $110, and get a box for free. What you are getting is a surprise, but they do give out hints. You take a quiz when you sign up, which you are not able to change the answers on, so answer honestly on it! Then you pick if you want the recurring monthly or the yearly subscription.

If you're curious as to what products came in December's bag, look no further! Here is a link that shows it all. 
January has not been sent out yet, but people have done detective work and figured out what will be in that bag, which you can see here, at Zadidoll's blog. 
Thank you Zadidoll for posting about both bags!

If you sign up now, you will be receiving the February bag, which is of course, going to be Valentine's Day themed! Here's a sneak peek picture, courtesy of MyGlam on their Facebook. This image is property of them, it's not my image. 

Isn't that so pretty with the pink? I am so excited to have finally gotten in on this! If this sounds interesting to you, here is a link to their site. [It's not a referral link, if anyone is wondering!]


Thanks again for reading, and if you sign up, let me know!

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