Friday, September 2, 2011

Julep Annette Review

Today my box from Julep came, and inside was the bottle of Annette that I was supposed to receive as my September Julep Maven Boho Glam color.
Instead of shelf pulling Annette for me,as per the email, I was sent the original set with Amy in it. This was disappointing to me because the whole reason I did not want the original set is because I already own Amy! I foresee a giveaway in the future of this blog! Thankfully customer service was super nice and sent me out my bottle of Annette the same day I contacted them about the mix up.

In case you don't know about the Maven program, it's a monthly subscription service that you take a profile quiz for. Based on that quiz, you get assigned 1 of 5 profiles. Each month they send out a different box and you can either send it to someone else, pause your sub, or do a shelf pull if like in my case, you already own the featured color or just don't care for it. Here's the link to the program so you can check it out!

Unfortunately, they seem to be a bit overwhelmed by the response to the Julep Maven program. Some people have had shipping issues, been double charged for 1 month,never got their referral credits, or got the wrong box entirely. I personally have not had problems getting things resolved though, when there have been issues with my order. Like every company, there are always growing pains when they go from a small start up, to having a huge following almost instantly. They really do seem to want to make things right, and I appreciate that. So I plan on sticking things out with them.

Anyhow, here is a photo of the bottle of Annette on a white card so that you can see the color. To me, it appears as a light light lavender grey, not a brown grey like the bottle can make it look. The color is very creamy and opaque, while still being very shiny. It's strange but it almost reminds me of patent shoes that you have as a little girl to wear with your Easter Dress. This color is great for all seasons.

Julep Annette

Here is a swatch of the color on my nails. Please excuse the messy paint job. The formula evens out and dries very smooth. I only did one coat and it's opaque and it's very shiny! The consistency is not gloppy or too thin either. To be honest, it was the brush that was sort of giving me trouble, it was almost like it was too long.

I was a little worried the color would be kind of ugly, since it sort of looked like cement grey when I first put it on. But the hint of lavender is flattering and I think it's a really sweet and pretty color. Baby pink would go perfectly with this.

Annette is a really pretty color and would be great for people who have professional jobs, because it's a trendy color that isn't crazy or overpowering. It's very subtle color wise, but manages to be trendy, classic, and edgy all at once. It's described as "dove grey" on the website and I think that's very accurate. Definitely a keeper! I was skeptical if I would like this one or not but it's one of my favorite colors.


  1. I'm so glad! I really love doing them. =] I plan on expanding to other products, I just have to find my camera so I can do better swatch photos.

  2. I was wonder what annette look like when it's swatched. My friend gave it to me and I haven't opened it yet.

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