Saturday, September 24, 2011

DermStore Beautyfix Mystery Surprise Box!

I posted earlier about the 9 piece Dermstore Beautyfix Mystery Box, and had ultimately decided not to get it. Well, it turns out that since they had my credit card information, they went ahead and put the order through. [I had gone back and entered it in to my account.]

The shipping was amazingly fast. I got the box in 1 day. Honestly, the packaging was a little strange for this box as well. This time everything was contained in the cosmetic bag, but they just put a ton of brown paper on top and nothing on the bottom.

(Unfortunately, my photos turned out a bit blurry, so please accept my apologies for that! I don't have a "real" camera right now, just my phones. But I plan on fixing that soon.)

As you can see, it's a huge box. Full of brown paper! Not sure why they picked such a gigantic box, but I guess that's better than jamming it all into a small one?

Taking out the brown paper revealed the products!

The cosmetic bag has the 8 mystery products inside of it, and then the bonus product I recieved from following the facebook advertisement is on the bottom.
Again, it's really odd to me that they didn't at least put a sheet of bubble wrap, or wrap up the loose bottle in any way.

Usually things don't get broken in transit, but it seems risky to just put everything loose like that and not even bother to ensure that it's actually going to arrive in good shape!

Pulling out the shipping invoice, I was extremely surprised to find that the VP of Marketing had actually written a nice note on the invoice, and personally signed it. Hooray for personal touches such as that! They really do make a difference to me, because then you're not just buying from some faceless corporation.

It shows that the people working there actually are taking the time to try to connect with their customers, which is a great touch.

I mean sure, all it says is "Thank you for Shopping With Us", but at least it's a nice little note. Props to the VP of Marketing, because they clearly understand that it is so important to do the little things like that, especially now when people are being more choosy about where they spend their money.

Seen there is also my freebie bonus item. It's a SpaRitual brand Instinctual Organic Moisturizing lotion with Ginger Essential Oil. It's a 1.7 oz bottle, which is like the little travel sizes you can pick up in stores. It's a nice size to keep in my purse. The regular size on Dermstore is 7.7oz for $28.

Opening up the cosmetic bag, I was really shocked at how they got everything to fit inside!

From left to right we have:

Pur-lisse Pur-lip Comfort Daily Lip Nourisher, 0.5 oz -- $21
Lisa Hoffman Night & Day Vitamin A&C Serum - 0.5 oz-- $57
Cures by Avance Age Defyer Eye cream -- 0.5 oz--$50
Exuviance Rejuvenating Treatment Masque - 2.5 oz - $30

3LAB Perfect Cleansing Foam - 3.4 ounce - $39
Jonathan Product Create Smooth serum - 1.7 oz-- $15 on amazon, not on JP website anymore.
Jonathan Product Finish Control hairspray -- 10 oz - $30 on the website, but it seems to be discontinued.
The bonus Sparitual Lotion at 1.7 oz -- $6

The total price value of everything included runs about $248.
Again, not too bad since I only paid $30 for the surprise package.

I'm pretty pleased with all the products, since the include an eye product, a skin serum, and the masque that I ordered with my regular Beautyfix box. It's fun to get surprised, and the products aren't bad if you don't mind getting a couple that are clearly clearance items. I mean, my bottle of Jonathan Product Hairspray had dust all over the lid because it had probably been sitting in a warehouse for so long. I think the hairspray is the only "dud" in my box, simply because I never, ever use hairspray, unless it's to do my hair for a wedding, and I already have a huge Fructis one that will probably last me forever.
So I might have to find someone who uses hairspray and gift them that can of it, so that it actually gets used.

I'll try the products and let you know how they work! Yesterday I used some of them and they all were really great, but we'll see!

I recommend checking out the Dermstore Beautyfix surprise boxes if you are into the monthly box for skincare and don't want to pay the extra $20 for the regular beautyfix. Of course, the trade off is that you can't see what you are getting, but that can be fun. If you have family or friends who can take the products that don't work for you off your hands, even better.

It's definitely a fun subscription box to have, and you get a really nice amount of product compared to some of the other programs that are similarly priced.

Thanks for reading.

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