Sunday, September 11, 2011

BeautyFix by Dermstore 9 Piece Surprise kit!

So, like many others who have been researching monthly beauty subscription programs,I was slightly overwhelmed by the choices. Beautyfix, Birtchbox, TestTube, and others were mentioned, but I wasn't really sure what the differences were, or why one is better than the others. Beautyfix has come up several times, because of the fact that people liked that they got full sized products instead of little packets, and after looking it up, it seemed like the best fit for me. I prefer full sized products in order to really get an idea if the products are "for me" or not.

Beautyfix is one of the only cosmetic sampling programs that lets you actually see and choose what is in your box. The choices are given based on the answers to questions about your hair, eye, and skin colors, sensitivity and so forth. To me, that's a pretty appealing prospect! Also, you get full sized samples, not little sample pouches like other programs give. Because of that, Beautyfix costs $49.95 a month.

However, Dermstore is having a launch special! They're now making Beautyfix available through their regular website as well. [They're the company that runs beautyfix, so it makes sense actually.]

For a limited time, and a limited amount of surprise boxes, they're offering up a surprise 8 piece gift set worth at least $253. As a bonus, you also get a 1 year subscription to Fitness Magazine.

I also discovered another bonus through their Facebook Ad! Click through the ad on there and you get an additional skincare product for free! Pretty cool right? So you get 8 full size products and a cosmetic bag, which is not a bad deal at all.

The main difference between this and the regular Beautyfix is that you don't get to choose your products, they're a surprise. Because of the surprise aspect, it's also $20 less expensive than the regular price, so to me it's a good trade off! $20 is a huge savings for those of us on a budget!
You also get your 5th month free if you sign up for monthly renewal.

It's nice that there are the two options because if you're like me and enjoy surprises, then the surprise box from Dermstore is a great way to get to try the Beautyfix program out. If you prefer being able to choose your products, the regular Beautyfix is a great choice!

If that sounds like the Dermstore surprise box version an awesome deal to you, here's the link! It's the one that the Facebook Ad links to, so you'll get the extra 9th bonus item too. Enjoy!
I plan on doing reviews and an unboxing of all my products once I receive my first box.

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