Friday, August 12, 2011

Julep Maven American Beauty Unboxing!

Yesterday I received my first Julep Maven box in the mail! So exciting. If you're not sure what the Julep Maven Program is, basically you take a quiz and sign up and you get assigned a "style profile". If you don't like the one you get, you can try re-taking the quiz to get one of 5 different results. They send you an "editors box" similar to the boxes that they send to magazine editors to promote their new colors. You get sent 1 box every month that contains new colors or new products of theirs to sample and test out before anyone else can get them! If you don't like a color they pick, you can have them pull a new one instead, and the program is one of the most flexible subscription programs I have seen. You are allowed to send the box to someone else if you want, skip that month, cancel or have a shelf pull of different product taken, all with no extra fees or consequences. That was one of the main reasons I signed up, since most of the others have hidden fees and catches.

When I took the quiz, I got assigned "American Beauty", which included 1 nail treatment, 1 bottle of Cameron, a nice bright pink, and a bottle of Alfre, a "royal purple", which I would describe much more as a gunmetal grey with purple undertones.

Opening the box, there was a really nice handsigned Thank You letter for being one of people in the "soft launch" to sign up. So sweet and nice!

Opening the box, everything was packaged beautifully! The extra bottle of nail polish you see in there is Sienna, a lovely shimmery bronze gold. I ordered that separately and they put it in the same box.

Included in my box was a full size bottle of the Glycolic Hand Scrub, 1 bottle of Nail Treatment, 1 bottle of Cameron, 1 bottle of Alfre, and 4 sample packets!

Here's a close up of all the product, including the bottle of Sienna. Left to right is: Sienna, Cameron, Alfre, and the Nail Treatment.

The only somewhat disappointing thing for me is that Cameron is an exact dupe of Niecy. So if you're looking for a nice bright pink, either of these should work since they're the same color. If I had been able to use the "shelf pull" option, I would have used it on the Cameron color since I don't really need 2 of the same exact pink.

Also, I found all the results and realized that Boho Glam is a better fit for me, unfortunately. I'm really not sure if we are able to switch style profiles, but it was a little disappointing to realize that the quiz had a better fit for me than the one I got. But this program is new, and the experience over all is totally worth the price. If you sign up, make sure to use the code TWITTER for 50% off your first box! Then you can have $40 worth of product for only $10. Another perk is, if you sign up for the Julep Maven program, you get free shipping as long as you are a member, and 20% off of any other orders you make! Pretty sweet deal.

I am excited to see what Septembers pulls will be, and that I got to try this program out. My favorite is Alfre, because it's a beautiful shimmery lavender gunmetal grey color which will be perfect for this fall.
Thank you Julep!

Go check it out and see what style profile you get!
If you end up getting your own box, comment and let me know how yours was too. I love seeing what everyone else is getting and so far I've only seen 1 other person who had the same box as mine.

Just as a note, I paid for the Julep Maven program out of my own pocket, they did not furnish product for me to review.

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