Sunday, November 14, 2010

I've been wanting a granny square blanket for a couple of years now. My friends who crochet made some beautiful granny squares, much to my envy. Unfortunately, while I do crochet, I'm too scared to try to make granny squares even though they're supposed to be for beginners.
The changing of the colors and the need to keep them all similar is daunting to me.
On my birthday this past Thursday, we went out to a family dinner and we invited a family friend along. I was shocked because she brought me a gift! I wasn't expecting presents really, so it was a nice surprise. Then I opened the bag, and inside is a gorgeous, colorful, beautifully made granny square blanket!
It's absolutely perfect, and adds just the right amount of weight to my covers, especially now that it's getting colder at night. The colors are cheery and bright and I love it!


  1. Thanks! Isn't it? It's amazing how even her stitches are! The colors actually look nicer than in that photo, but for some reason I couldn't get some of the greens to photograph very well.