Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MyGlam February Bag!

I subscribed to MyGlam after reading about the first months box, and then seeing youtube videos. Unfortunately, there seems to have been a lot of drama surrounding them since last month when I subscribed, so I was a little worried.
I'm not going to get into what happened on here, just because you can easily read about that all. I would rather keep things to my own experience.

In order to sign up, I was put on a waitlist, because the box has gotten extremely popular. Once they emailed me to say I could sign up, I jumped on it.
The website is easy to navigate, so that made things really straightforward.

It's $10 a month, so I honestly don't expect it to be the same as my Maven box that I adore. I figure this will probably showcase a few things that are new to me, but I don't expect super high end things in it like I would other boxes.

The feburary myglam came in the signature pink bubble mailer, which I thought was really cute. Even the ladies at the post office noticed!

Everything arrived in great condition, sealed properly, no leaks or broken products.

Here's the contents, there are the cards detailing the contents, with a message on one side of the postcard and the product list on the other.
Then there is a promo card from NYX, and  XOut, with deals for MyGlam subscribers.

The bag is super cute, right? I really like it.

Included in the bag were the following: A gift certificate for $100 for NuMe hair products, Xout shine control oil free formula, Freeman Facial Hydration Masque with Goji Berry, a rollball of NYX shimmer, two sample packets of Premier brand Moisture Complex, and Instant Stretching & Revitalizing Masque, and then a box containing 2 Ghiradelli chocolate squares.

Here's a swatch of the NYX shimmer roller that I received. Mine is in the color Taupe. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of most of the colors that the rollers come in. This color just looks like glittery sand/dirt on me, and it's definitely not something I will ever wear. But pretty much the only color I would wear out of all the available shades, is the white one. Unfortunately that's the gamble that comes with these subscription boxes.

Thoughts on the box:
Was it amazing? Not really. Was it worth $10? Sure. It's fun to get mail, and I will use the masque. The NuMe certificate is cool, except for the fact that everything on their site costs over $200, so it's really not THAT great of a deal. I might just end up giving away my code, since I already have a straightener.

The Ghiredelli chocolate was nice, but I live in California, so it's really nothing special to me. It's literally in EVERY grocery store around here, so it's easily obtainable.

The Freeman masque is cool, it reminds me of the face masks I used to use in junior high.

To be honest, This bag feels like it was made for a Tween Girl, not an adult woman. The bag is pretty juvenile in style, albiet cute. The products are all geared towards teenage girls, or are something I would have used when I was about 14 years old.
I'm not as disappointed as most are with this, but I'm also not jumping for joy over anything, nor do I plan on ordering any of the products that they gave special deals on.

I vastly prefer my Julep subscription to this one, and will keep this one a couple more months before deciding for sure if I am cancelling. But I feel like the Julep team puts a lot more effort into their products and they have much more high end things instead of drugstore stuff that a teenage girl would pick out. It's not that the stuff is bad, I'm just completely not the age bracket for it at all.


  1. Thanks for writting this, I enjoyed your opinions on everything! I'm curious, have you tried the oil controling formula? I was wondering how well that worked. I am 16, and I definitley think these are all geared toward tweens. I am a little bit jealous of the shimmer roller, but what can i say, i'm just one of those obnoxiously sparkly and shimmery kind of girls. :) I'm not getting a subscription to MyGlam because i don't do that sort of subscription thing however I liked reading your reveiw because if some day i ever decided to get a subscription at least i have some input, so thank you. :)

  2. Thank you! I really really appreciate your comment, it makes me happy to know that my blog helped out! =] I haven't yet tried the oil control formula out, but I plan to, just to see how it works. I'll test it out until the tube is gone and let you know! I'll put a review up once I am done using it. If you would like the shimmer roller, and don't mind that it's been tested once on my clean hand, I can totally box it up and send it to you! I really don't mind.

    1. No problem! :) I'd love too know how the oil control stuff works, thank you. :) Really?! Thats so nice and sweet of you to offer! I think I might just take you up on that, but only if your 100% sure that you don't mind and won't ever use it. Your so sweet!

  3. I totally don't mind at all! The color is a little too dark for me, so I'd rather have it go somewhere where it'll be used. =]
    Just message me your address if you want.