Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday!

Hi everyone! Did anyone take advantage of Black Friday Deals? For the most part I didn't get much, except for at Bath and Body works were I went a little nuts. At midnight I went to Old Navy and bought a friend a polar fleece scarf, a plaid wrap and a polar fleece lined hat for Christmas. It ended up costing me $11 out of pocket, thanks to the sales and a $10 rewards certificate. Just for fun I went over to Kohls to look for a pair of headphones, but they were sold out and the line wrapped all around the whole store. Best Buy had a HUGE line as well. I found headphones for my parents, and a 4 gig SD card for my moms camera there for $7, and after using my phone to check their online prices, realized I could just come home, order it, and not have to stand in the gigantic line. So that's what I did! The next morning, I went to Bath and Body works! They allowed coupon stacking that day, so I got the VIB bag and 14 signature collection products for very cheap! My mom sent me back later in the day for more, but it wasn't as good of a deal because they ran out of the VIB bag.
I used the second run to complete some of the sets of lotion and body wash from the first run, so that I could gift people complete trios. I ended up with the VIB Bag, 1 set of White Citrus, 1 set of Japanese Cherry Blossom, 1 set of Paris Amour, 1 set of Vanillatini, 2 sets of Sparkling Strawberry, 1 Country Chic body spray and 1 lotion, 1 Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion, 1 White Citrus body spray, and 1 complete set of Secret Wonderland. I have a lot of family members who love BBW products, so this was a perfect way to get gifts for them all! That was the extent of my black friday experience! Did any of you go out? What did you end up getting? PS - Don't forget to enter in the Julep Nail Polish Contest. I appreciate all the people who have left comments entering and cannot wait to be able to pick a winner! Sorry about the hiatus, things got a little crazy starting a new job and with the holidays starting. Just as a note, all prizes in the Julep Giveaway were purchased by myself, and I was not given any of the products that you are receiving.

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