Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Product, Review, and Holiday Sneak Peek:Stila Ultimate Color Palette

I've got a lot going on in this post for you guys!

Maybeline Baby Lips, Maybeline Baby Lips Peppermint, Peppermint Lip Balm, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock

First up, today I finally was able to pick up one of the "Baby Lips" By Maybeline, at Walmart, for $2.97. They also have them BOGO half off at CVS, but I only wanted one to start with. I might go back to CVS to get a couple other varieties to try out though.

There are 6 varieties total, two that are clear (Quenched and Peppermint) and four that are tinted (Cherry Me, Pink Punch, Grape Vine and Peach Kiss). They're formulated with SPF 20, vitamins C and E, shea butter, aloe, camphor and centalla. Personally I love Shea Butter, and I love that this lip balm has SPF 20 in it! That's SUPER important to me!

I've only used the Peppermint once so far, but I really love it. The balm is light, but still extremely moisturizing. The peppermint is a true peppermint, and reminds me of those christmas chapsticks that Avon puts out every year, and candy canes. Perfect!

I opted for the Peppermint one because I like mint lip balms, and I also wanted a clear one. The other colors looked lovely, but since I'm super pale, many times the red lip balms actually make me look like I'm wearing red lipstick. Purple can look odd on me, and I really really wanted to try the Peach version, but unfortunately, I really don't like how peaches smell or taste, so I wouldn't want a lip balm of that flavor.

The packaging is super cute! Very fun and fresh and colorful without being garish. It's perfect for teenage girls, or little girls because it's not too grown up. They really managed to find a perfect balance with it. I'm very happy with this purchase and definitely plan on using this one up completely.

As far as an older product review, I also picked up my all time favorite faithful moisturizer that I use every single solitary day and have been using for the past 5 or 6 years now. Nuetrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock. I love this stuff. It's the only sunblock I can use on my face, because it doesn't clog my pores and cause awful breakouts. It protects my skin from the sun but is not greasy. There's no scent to it really, which I love, and it rubs in super fast. It's heavy enough to moisturize my dry areas on my face, which usually are my nose, the sides of my nose and my cheeks. But it's not so oily that it makes me look like a greaseball either.
To be honest, the only problem I have is that it tends to make me look a little shiny, but since I wear mineral makeup, the shine is cut away.
Also, since it's opaque white, I like to add a little tinted moisturizer to it just to make things less pale.
This is by far my absolute favorite face moisturizer, and I'm so bummed because my Costco stopped carrying the 3 packs. Thankfully walmart has it for $7/bottle which is literally half the price of the other stores in the area. I also really wish they made larger sizes of this product, because since I use it every single day, I go through a bottle pretty much every other month.

Now onto the Holiday Sneak Peek! I was at Costco and I spotted the Stila 2011 Holiday Palette. It's officially named the Stila Ultimate Color Palette. Unfortunately my photo is pretty terrible, and I really should have written down what all was included. I know that the majority are eyeshadows, then lip products, and then there are 4 cheek colors as well, that you can see in the middle. I believe that the package also includes a couple of brushes, a lip brush and an eye one.
For $20, this would make a great gift for a teenager just starting out wearing makeup, for a co-worker who loves makeup, or a gift exchange!

Stila Holiday Palette 2011,Stila Ultimate Color Palette, Stila Palette Costco

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