Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Favorite Conditioner & Review

I have almost waist length hair, and it's wavy, and coarse, but the strands themselves are fine, since it's blonde, and get damaged easily.

Since my hair is so long, even with regular trims, the ends get super dry. Last year I bought the Kirkland brand conditioner, since it was super cheap at Costco for a huge bottle. Unfortunately, that was not a great decision.
I still haven't finished it because I used other conditioners instead!

The kirkland conditioner comes in a large pump bottle which holds 33.8 oz. Many people can use this conditioner, because it's Vegan & Organic. It's also paraban and sulfate free, which is another reason I purchased this product. I wish the formula had worked for my hair, but it just really did not at all, and I cannot stand how this conditioner smells.
The formula smells really awful to me, like a cleaning product, and the conditioner itself is THICK. Usually I like heavily scented products, especially hair conditioners, but this isn't floral, or fruity, it just smells bad to me.
The conditioner is so thick that it barely pumps out and I had to add water when I got down a little bit, just to make it more usable.
Using it was totally disappointing. It left my hair feeling weighted down, no matter how little i used, did not detangle it at all, and it left my hair feeling like a tangled mess.
The bottle says that it moisturizes, but that was not the case at all with my hair!

All in all, while the packaging and the price were nice, the actual product was totally disappointing and does not work well at all on my hair! I will not be purchasing that again.

Because I hated the Kirkland formula so much, I ended up purchasing other conditioners in the meantime. [now I am forcing myself to use up the rest of the kirkland conditioner, mixed with half bottles of other conditioner and water]

My favorite conditioner is the VO5 Chamomile tea conditioner! It leaves my hair shiny, soft, and tangle free! Plus the formula is more watery than the Kirkland, which I actually prefer. The smell is not strong, but it smells nice.
The packaging is not as nice as the kirkland, and it has the annoying kind of top that does not twist off, so if there is a little bit in the bottom and you want to put water in to get it out, it can be tricky. I really wish they would consider making larger pump bottles of this, because I would most definitely purchase it in that form!
Unfortunately, unlike the kirkland brand, the V05 is not sulfate or paraben free, and it is not vegan either. So both brands have their pros and cons, but this is the one that works the best on my hair!
I also feel like since I have blonde hair, the chamomile really helps to bring out all the highlights and shine for my haircolor.
If you have blonde hair, I highly recommend trying out the VO5!

What's your favorite conditioner?

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